Meet Drea d’Nur.

Singer and songwriter Drea d'Nur has been making an impact as an independent artist for 10 years. Prior to her Germany recorded debut Day of D'Nur (2013), she had collaborated with industry producer and performed on a major network. She's worked with Grammy winning producer and writer, Greg Curtis, who wrote and produced Love and I Remember for Keyshia Cole. She also did a special Marvin Gaye cover on ABC World News Now which was nationally aired in America. debuted 2 of her original music videos. Cry For Change is an ode to those killed due to senseless violence, and Break Me Down  is a passionate portrayal of the spirit of resilience of oppressed people highlighted with dance. 

Drea d’Nur's work has reached national and international acclaim with localized work to highlight the rich history of Black music and art in Buffalo. This 2017 Spark Awards Artist of the Year has performed overseas, released two independent music projects, produced two short films about Nina Simone, directed a music video, produced two stage productions, and has album credits on the new Gorillaz album, HUMANZ.

D’Nur stays balanced with hands-on community activism. She is a founding member of Panthfrica, Artists Transforming Communities and fights to end human trafficking as a member of Mona’s House, Buffalo’s First Restoration Home just for trafficking victims. She is currently touring DEAR NINA, a Sonic Love Letter To Nina Simone featuring herself and a strings ensemble. Drea is also developing the Healing Songs In Beautiful Spaces Initiative in a unique series of healing sessions that she curates. She somehow manages all of this while raising five gifted children. 

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